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लेश m. leza small portion
लेसर्मुद्रक n. lesarmudraka laser printer [computer]
लेश m. leza figure of speech in which a statement is made indirectly
लेश m. leza particular division or short space of time
लेश m. leza particle
लेश m. leza kind of song
लेश m. leza small part or portion
लेश m. leza leSTavya
लेश m. leza smallness
लेश m. leza atom
लेश m. leza little bit or slight trace of
लेश m. leza figure of speech
लेश m. leza littleness
लेसक m. lesaka rider on an elephant
लेशयति verb caus. lezayati { liz } cause to move or go
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