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रीध adj. rIdha licked
आलीढ adj. AlIDha licked
संलीढ adj. saMlIDha licked
लीढ adj. lIDha licked
अवलीढ adj. avalIDha licked
आलीढ adj. AlIDha licked up
संलीढ adj. saMlIDha licked up
गोलिह m. goliha cow-licked
गोलिह m. goliha cow-licked
परिलीढ adj. parilIDha licked over
लेह्य adj. lehya to be licked
परिलीढ adj. parilIDha licked all round
लिह liha licking or being licked
मधुलिह् adj. madhulih one who has licked the honey of
हृदयलेह्य adj. hRdayalehya to be licked i.e. enjoyed by the heart
लेह्य adj. lehya to be lapped or licked up or eaten by licking
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