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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
क्व? indecl. kva? where? [locative of ka]
विद्यालये m. vidyAlaye at/in school [locative]
सप्तमी विभक्ति phrase saptamI vibhakti locative [place/time where/when action occurs]
अधिकरण n. adhikaraNa locative case
अधिकरण n. adhikaraNa sense of the locative case
समीपसप्तमी f. samIpasaptamI locative case expressing nearness
सप्तमीप्रतिरूपक adj. saptamIpratirUpaka having the form of a locative case
सप्तमी f. saptamI 7th case i.e. the locative or its terminations
विषयसप्तमी f. viSayasaptamI locative case in the sense of with regard to on
सुप् sup technical expression for the termination of the locative case [gramm.]
सप्तमीसमास m. saptamIsamAsa tat-puruSa compound of which the first member is supposed to be in a locative case
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