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लोहिताक्ष adj. lohitAkSa red-eyed
लोहिताक्ष m. lohitAkSa red die [gaming]
लोहिताक्ष m. lohitAkSa Indian cuckoo
लोहिताक्ष m. lohitAkSa kind of snake
लोहिताक्ष n. lohitAkSa part of the arm and of the thigh
लोहिताक्ष n. lohitAkSa place where these are joined to the body
लोहिताक्ष n. lohitAkSa joint of the arm
लोहिताक्ष n. lohitAkSa thigh-joint
लोहिताक्षक m. lohitAkSaka kind of snake
लोहितक्षय m. lohitakSaya loss of blood
लोहितक्षयक adj. lohitakSayaka suffering from loss of blood
लोहिताक्षसञ्ज्ञा f. lohitAkSasaJjJA artery or vein situated either at the thigh-joint or at the arm-joint
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