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लौक्य adj. laukya workaday
लौक्य adj. laukya global
लौक्य adj. laukya world wide
लौक्य adj. laukya tedium
लोक्य adj. lokya ordinary. correct
लोक्य adj. lokya actual
लोक्य adj. lokya every-day
लोक्य adj. lokya real
लोक्य adj. lokya bestowing freedom
लोक्य adj. lokya right
लोक्य adj. lokya conducive to the attainment of a better world
लोक्य adj. lokya granting a free sphere of action
लोक्य adj. lokya usual
लोक्य adj. lokya customary
लोक्य adj. lokya heavenly
लोक्य adj. lokya world-wide
लोक्य adj. lokya diffused over the world
लोक्य n. lokya free space or sphere
लौक्य adj. laukya mundane
लौक्य adj. laukya belonging to the world
लौक्य adj. laukya general
लौक्य adj. laukya common
लौक्य adj. laukya usual
लौक्य adj. laukya extended through the world
लौक्य adj. laukya commonplace
लौक्य adj. laukya generally diffused
लोक्यत f. lokyata attainment of a better world
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