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मणिक m. maNika big pot
माणिका f. mANikA particular weight
मानिका f. mAnikA particular weight or measure
मणिक m. maNika gem
मणिक m. maNika globular formations of flesh on an animal's shoulder
मणिक m. maNika precious stone
मणिक m. maNika jewel
मणिक m. maNika water-jar or pitcher
माणिक m. mANika jeweller
मनीक n. manIka eye-salve
माणिक n. mANika ruby
मनीक n. manIka lotion or wash for eyes
मणिकाच m. maNikAca feathered part of an arrow
मणिकार m. maNikAra adulterous off spring of vaizya parents whose mother's husband is still alive
मणिकार m. maNikAra lapidary
मणिकार m. maNikAra jeweller
मणिकर्ण adj. maNikarNa having an ornament of any kind on the ear
मणिकर्ण adj. maNikarNa jewel-eared
मणिकर्णी f. maNikarNI sacred pool
मणिकानन n. maNikAnana neck
मणिकानन n. maNikAnana wood or grove containing jewels
मणिकण्ठ m. maNikaNTha blue jay
मणिकर्णिका f. maNikarNikA ear-ornament consisting of pearls or jewels
मणिकण्ठक m. maNikaNThaka cock
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