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मास m. mAsa month
मशक m. mazaka mosquito
मशकजाल m. mazakajAla mosquito net
प्रति-मशक n. prati-mazaka anti-mosquito
मशको मशकः! sent. mazako mazakaH! Too many mosquitoes.
मशकजालः कुत्र? sent. mazakajAlaH kutra? Where is the mosquito net?
माष m. mASa fool
मास m. mAsa symbolical name for the number twelve
मस m. masa measure
मस m. masa weight
माष m. mASa bean
मास m. mAsa month or the 12th part of the Hindu year
माष m. mASa black gram
माष m. mASa wild beans
माष m. mASa blockhead
मास m. mAsa moon
माष m. mASa cutaneous eruption resembling beans
माष m. mASa particular weight of gold
माष m. mASa kidney bean
मश m. maza humming
मश m. maza mosquito
मश m. maza anger
मश m. maza gnat
मश m. maza hum
मषम् ind. maSam pulverize
मषम् ind. maSam to grind to powder
माषाद m. mASAda blossom-eater
माषाद m. mASAda tortoise
मासादि mAsAdi beginning of a month
माषक m. mASaka bean
मासक m. mAsaka month
माषक m.n. mASaka particular weight of gold
मासल m. mAsala year
मसन n. masana meting
मसन n. masana ironwood plant [Vernonia Anthelmintica - Bot.]
मासन n. mAsana seed of ironwood plant [Vernonia Anthelmintica - Bot.]
मसन n. masana hurting
मसन n. masana injuring
मसन n. masana measuring
मसरा f. masarA sort of lentil or pulse
मसार m. masAra sapphire or an emerald
मषति verb maSati { maS } hurt
मषति verb maSati { maS } injure
माषाश m. mASAza horse
मशक m. mazaka gnat
मशक m. mazaka leather water-bag
मशक m. mazaka particular skin disease
मशक m. mazaka any fly that bites or stings
मशाक m. mazAka bird
मशन n. mazana sound
मशति verb mazati { maz } hum
मशति verb mazati { maz } buzz
मशति verb mazati { maz } make a noise
मासधा ind. mAsadhA by the month
मासधा ind. mAsadhA monthly
मासज्ञ m. mAsajJa knowing months
मासज्ञ m. mAsajJa species of gallinule
माषाज्य n. mASAjya dish of beans dressed or cooked with ghee
मासान्त m. mAsAnta end of a month
मासान्त m. mAsAnta day of new moon
मासशस् ind. mAsazas for months
माषशस् ind. mASazas mASa by mASa
माषशस् ind. mASazas mASa-wise
मासशस् ind. mAsazas month by month
माषाशिन् m. mASAzin horse
मशकिन् m. mazakin cluster fig tree [Ficus Glomerata - Bot.]
मशकिन् m. mazakin swarming with mosquitoes
मासभाज् adj. mAsabhAj partaking of a month
मासदेय adj. mAsadeya to be paid in a month
मासाहार adj. mAsAhAra taking food only once a month
मासाहार adj. mAsAhAra eating once a month
मासजात adj. mAsajAta month old
मासमान m. mAsamAna year
माषमय adj. mASamaya consisting of blossom
मासपाक adj. mAsapAka maturing or producing results in a month
माषराशि m. mASarAzi heap of blossoms
माषसूप m. mASasUpa bean-soup
मासताला f. mAsatAlA those parts of a calf skin from which the parchment stretched at the end of drums is made
मासतम adj. mAsatama forming or completing a month
माषतिल m. mASatila sesamum and beans
मासाधिप m. mAsAdhipa regent or planet presiding over a month
मासद्वय n. mAsadvaya two months
मासनामन् n. mAsanAman name of a month
माषपर्णी f. mASaparNI kind of leguminous plant shrub used in traditional medicine [Glycine Debilis - Bot.]
माषपेषम् ind. mASapeSam as if beans were ground
मासफल adj. mAsaphala month
मासफल adj. mAsaphala having results in
माषपिष्ट n. mASapiSTa ground beans
मासपूर्व adj. mAsapUrva earlier by a month
माषपुष्प n. mASapuSpa blossom of blossom
माषतैल n. mASataila only preparation from beans
मासत्रय n. mAsatraya three months
मासतुल्य adj. mAsatulya equal to a month or to a number of months
माषवर्ण adj. mASavarNa coloured like beans
मास-मात्रे indecl. mAsa-mAtre in a month
मासभुक्ति f. mAsabhukti monthly course
मासचारिक adj. mAsacArika practising anything for a month
मासकालिक adj. mAsakAlika monthly
मासकालिक adj. mAsakAlika lasting or available for a month
माषमन्थ m. mASamantha beverage mixed with beans
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