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मासिक adj. mAsika monthly
मासिक adj. mAsika relating to a month
मासिक adj. mAsika relating to or connected with a month
मासिक adj. mAsika dedicated to a particular month
मासिक adj. mAsika engaged for a month
मासिक adj. mAsika payable in a month
मसिका f. masikA night-flowering coral jasmine [Nyctanthes Arbor Tristis - Bot.]
मसिक m. masika serpent's hole
मासिक n. mAsika particular zrAddha or oblation to deceased ancestors performed every new moon
मषिकपी f. maSikapI ink box
मासिकान्न n. mAsikAnna food offered monthly to deceased progenitors
मासिकार्थवत् adj. mAsikArthavat happening or being done every month
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