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मातृ f. mAtR mother
मात्रा f. mAtrA degree
मात्रा f. mAtrA dose
मात्रा f. mAtrA amount
मातृका f. mAtRkA file [computer]
मातृभाषा f. mAtRbhASA mother tongue
मातृष्वेसा f. mAtRSvesA mother's sister
मातृभगिनी f. mAtRbhaginI mother's sister
मातृभगिनी f. mAtRbhaginI aunt
मातृष्वसेया f. mAtRSvaseyA maternal aunt's daughter
मातृष्वसेया f. mAtRSvaseyA cousin
मातृष्वसेय m. mAtRSvaseya cousin
मातृष्वसेय m. mAtRSvaseya maternal aunt's son
मात्राप एआर m. mAtrApa eAra wanting of the measure
मात्री करोति verb mAtrI karoti { mAtrIkR } adopt as a mother
मातृष्वसृपति m. mAtRSvasRpati maternal aunt's husband
मातृष्वस्त्रीया f. mAtRSvastrIyA cousin
मातृष्वस्त्रीया f. mAtRSvastrIyA maternal aunt's daughter
मातृष्वस्त्रीय m. mAtRSvastrIya cousin
मातृष्वस्त्रीय m. mAtRSvastrIya maternal aunt's son
मातृभगिन्याः पुत्र m. mAtRbhaginyAH putra cousin
मातृभगिन्याः पुत्री f. mAtRbhaginyAH putrI cousin
अहं मातृगृहं गतवती sent. ahaM mAtRgRhaM gatavatI I had been to my mother's house.
एतं स्यूतं मात्रे ददातु sent. etaM syUtaM mAtre dadAtu Give this bag to [your] mother
मातृ f. mAtR cow
मातृ f. mAtR muskroot plant [Nardostachys Jatamansi - Bot.]
मातृ f. mAtR space
मातृ f. mAtR any mother
मातृ f. mAtR two pieces of wood used in kindling fire
मातृ f. mAtR daisy [Sphaerantus Indicus]
मातृ f. mAtR lower mill-stone
मातृ f. mAtR father and mother [du.]
मातृ f. mAtR daisy [Sphaerantus Indicus - bot.]
मातृ f. mAtR divine mothers or personified energies of the principal deities
मातृ f. mAtR parents
मातृ f. mAtR 8 classes of female ancestors
मातृ f. mAtR earth
मातृ f. mAtR small water fern [Salvinia Cucullata - Bot.]
मातृ f. mAtR air
मातृ m. mAtR measurer
मातृ m. mAtR one who measures across or traverses
मातृ m. mAtR knower
मातृ m. mAtR one who has true knowledge
मात्र adj. mAtra Possessing as much as or no more than
मात्र adj. mAtra having the measure of i.e. as large or high or long or broad or deep or far or much or many
मात्र adj. mAtra sheer
मात्र adj. mAtra simply or merely
मात्र adj. mAtra amounting to
मात्र adj. mAtra see also mAtrika
मात्र adj. mAtra being nothing but
मात्रा f. mAtrA livelihood
मात्रा f. mAtrA foot
मात्रा f. mAtrA material world
मात्रा f. mAtrA measure
मात्रा f. mAtrA full measure of anything
मात्रा f. mAtrA upper or horizontal limb of the nAgarI characters
मात्रा f. mAtrA furniture
मात्रा f. mAtrA atom
मात्रा f. mAtrA moment
मात्रा f. mAtrA duration
मात्रा f. mAtrA mirror
मात्रा f. mAtrA materials
मात्रा f. mAtrA right or correct measure
मात्रा f. mAtrA money
मात्रा f. mAtrA trifle
मात्रा f. mAtrA metrical unit
मात्रा f. mAtrA ear-ring
मात्रा f. mAtrA property
मात्रा f. mAtrA order
मात्रा f. mAtrA quantity
मात्रा f. mAtrA wealth
मात्रा f. mAtrA number
मात्रा f. mAtrA element
मात्रा f. mAtrA length of time required to pronounce a short vowel
मात्रा f. mAtrA jewel
मात्रा f. mAtrA goods
मात्रा f. mAtrA minute portion
मात्रा f. mAtrA foot
मात्रा f. mAtrA substance
मात्रा f. mAtrA unit of measure
मात्रा f. mAtrA matter
मात्रा f. mAtrA musical unit of time
मात्रा f. mAtrA ornament
मात्रा f. mAtrA household
मात्रा f. mAtrA particle
मात्रा f. mAtrA unit of time
मात्र m. mAtra Brahman of the lowest order i.e. only by birth
मात्र n mAtra tablet or pill [medicine]
मात्र n. mAtra element
मात्र n. mAtra measure of any kind
मात्र n. mAtra measure
मात्र n. mAtra sum
मात्र n. mAtra elementary matter
मात्र n. mAtra duration
मात्र n. mAtra one thing and no more
मात्र n. mAtra entirely
मात्र n. mAtra size
मात्र n. mAtra only
मात्र n. mAtra whole or totality
मात्र n. mAtra full or simple measure of anything
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