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मातृका f. mAtRkA file [computer]
मातृक adj. mAtRka coming from or belonging to a mother
मातृक adj. mAtRka maternal
मातृका f. mAtRkA any alphabet
मातृका f. mAtRkA divine mother
मातृका f. mAtRkA nurse
मातृका f. mAtRkA grandmother
मातृका f. mAtRkA wooden peg driven into the ground for the support of the staff of indra's banner
मातृका f. mAtRkA mother
मातृक m. mAtRka maternal uncle
मातृक n. mAtRka nature of a mother
मातृकामय adj. mAtRkAmaya consisting of mystic characters
मातृकच्छिद m. mAtRkacchida one who cut off his mother's head
मातृकायन्त्र n. mAtRkAyantra kind of mystical diagram
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