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मङ्कु adj. maGku shaking
मङ्कु adj. maGku vacillating
मङ्कु m. maGku blotch
मङ्ख m. maGkha royal bard or panegyrist
मङ्ख m. maGkha mendicant of a particular order
मङ्क्षु ind. maGkSu quickly
मङ्क्षु ind. maGkSu directly
मङ्क्षु ind. maGkSu really
मङ्क्षु ind. maGkSu exceedingly
मङ्क्षु ind. maGkSu truly
मङ्क्षु ind. maGkSu immediately
मङ्क्षु ind. maGkSu very much
मङ्क्षु ind. maGkSu instantly
मङ्क्तृ adj. maGktR one who dives or plunges
मङ्कते verb maGkate { maGk } move or to adorn
मङ्किल m. maGkila forest-conflagration
मङ्कुर m. maGkura mirror
मङ्कुश m. maGkuza person who knows dancing and singing
मङ्खति verb maGkhati { maGkh } go
मङ्खति verb maGkhati { maGkh } move
मङ्क्षण n. maGkSaNa armour for the legs or thighs
मङ्क्षण n. maGkSaNa greaves
माङ्क्षति verb mAGkSati { mAGkS } wish
माङ्क्षति verb mAGkSati { mAGkS } long for
माङ्क्षति verb mAGkSati { mAGkS } desire
मङ्किगीत n. maGkigIta song of maGki
मङ्क्तव्य adj. maGktavya be immersed or plunged
मङ्क्तव्य n. maGktavya it is to be immersed or plunged by
मङ्खायते verb maGkhAyate { maGkhAya } act or be like a bard
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