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मण्डूक m. maNDUka frog
मण्डूक m. maNDUka toad
सर्पाः मण्डूकान् अगिलन् sent. sarpAH maNDUkAn agilan serpents swallowed frogs
मण्डूक m. maNDUka sole of a horse's hoof
मण्डूक m. maNDUka machine resembling a frog in appearance or action
मण्डूक m. maNDUka tree of Damocles [Colosanthes Indica - Bot.]
मण्डूक n. maNDUka kind of coitus
मण्डूकगति adj. maNDUkagati leaping like a frog i.e. skipping several sUtras
मण्डूकगति f. maNDUkagati gait of a frog
मण्डूककुल n. maNDUkakula collection or assembly of frogs
मण्डूकमातृ f. maNDUkamAtR bleeding-heart plant [Clerodendrum indicum - Bot.]
मण्डूकमातृ f. maNDUkamAtR frog-mother
मण्डूकयोग m. maNDUkayoga frog-meditation
मण्डूकपर्ण m. maNDUkaparNa tree of Damocles [Colosanthes Indica - Bot.]
मण्डूकप्लुति f. maNDUkapluti skipping of several sUtras and supplying from a previous sUtra
मण्डूकप्लुति f. maNDUkapluti frog-leap
मण्डूकशायिन् adj. maNDUkazAyin lying like a frog-meditation
मण्डूकसरस n. maNDUkasarasa frog-meditation-pond
मण्डूकशावक m. maNDUkazAvaka tadpole
मण्डूकानुवृत्ति f. maNDUkAnuvRtti frog-course
मण्डूकानुवृत्ति f. maNDUkAnuvRtti skipping over or omitting at intervals
मण्डूकयोगनियत adj. maNDUkayoganiyata intent upon the frog-meditation
मण्डूकयोगशयन adj. maNDUkayogazayana lying on the ground in the frog-meditation
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