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मण्डप m. maNDapa pavilion
मण्डप m. maNDapa temporary shed for festivities
माण्डप adj. mANDapa belonging to a temple
मण्डप adj. maNDapa temple
मण्डप adj. maNDapa drinking the scum of boiled rice or of any liquor
मण्डपा f. maNDapA sort of leguminous plant
मण्डप m. maNDapa arbour
मण्डप m. maNDapa bower
मण्डप m. maNDapa tent
मण्डप m.n. maNDapa an open hall or temporary shed
मण्डप n. maNDapa shanty
मन्दफल adj. mandaphala bearing little fruit or having unimportant results
मन्दफल n. mandaphala equation of the apsis or the anomalous motion of a planet
मन्दपरिधि m. mandaparidhi epicycle of the apsis
मण्डपप्रतिष्ठा f. maNDapapratiSThA consecration of a temple
मन्दपरिवर्तन n. mandaparivartana evolution
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