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मधुपर्क m. madhuparka respectful offering to a guest
मधुपर्क m. madhuparka offering of honey and milk
मधुपर्क m. madhuparka ceremony of receiving a guest with it
मधुपर्क m. madhuparka mixture of honey
मधुपर्क m. madhuparka respectful offering to a guest or to the bridegroom on his arrival at the door of the father of the bride
मधुपर्कदान n. madhuparkadAna offering of the madhuparka
मधुपर्कपाणि adj. madhuparkapANi having the madhuparka oblation in the hand
मधुपर्कपाणि adj. madhuparkapANi offering the madhuparka
मधुपर्काचमन n. madhuparkAcamana tasting of the madhuparka
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