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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
मागध m. mAgadha balladeer
मागध m. mAgadha minstrel
मगध m. magadha Bihar [Geog.]
मागध adj. mAgadha relating to or born in or living in or customary among the magadhas or the magadha country
मगधा f. magadhA long pepper
मगधा f. magadhA town of the magadhas
मागध m. mAgadha female bard
मागध m. mAgadha kind of metre
मागध m. mAgadha long pepper
मागध m. mAgadha needle-flower jasmine [Jasminum auriculatum - Bot.]
मागध m. mAgadha white cumin
मागध m. mAgadha kind of spice
मगध m. magadha minstrel who sings the praises of a chief's ancestry
मगध m. magadha country of the magadhas
मगध m. magadha South Bihar
मागध m. mAgadha king of the magadha
मागध m. mAgadha refined sugar
मागध m. mAgadha daughter of a kSatriya mother and a vaizya father
मागध m. mAgadha language of the magadhas
मागधक adj. mAgadhaka belonging to magadha
मगधदेश m. magadhadeza country of magadhas
मगधाञिर n. magadhAJira court of magadha
मगधलिपि f. magadhalipi writing of magadha
मागधपुर n. mAgadhapura city of the magadhas
मगधपुरी f. magadhapurI city of magadha
मगधवंशज adj. magadhavaMzaja sprung from the race of magadha
मगधप्रतिष्ठ adj. magadhapratiSTha dwelling in magadha