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महाशङ्ख m. mahAzaGkha human bone
महाशङ्ख m. mahAzaGkha one of kubera's treasures
महाशङ्ख m. mahAzaGkha temporal bone
महाशङ्ख m. mahAzaGkha great conch-shell
महाशङ्ख m.n. mahAzaGkha frontal bone
महासङ्कट adj. mahAsaGkaTa full of great difficulties
महासङ्कट adj. mahAsaGkaTa very intricate or difficult
महासङ्कट adj. mahAsaGkaTa very troublesome
महासङ्कट n. mahAsaGkaTa great danger or distress
महाशङ्खमय adj. mahAzaGkhamaya formed of temporal bones
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