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महोदया f. mahodayA Madam
महोदय m. mahodaya an address showing respect
महोदय m. mahodaya sir
महोदय adj. mahodaya very fortunate
महोदय adj. mahodaya thinking one's self very lucky
महोदय adj. mahodaya conferring great fortune or prosperity
महोदया f. mahodayA hare foot Uraria plant [Uraria lagopodoides - Bot.]
महोदया f. mahodayA overgrown maiden
महोदय m. mahodaya final emancipation
महोदय m. mahodaya pre-eminence
महोदय m. mahodaya great fortune or prosperity
महोदय m. mahodaya sour milk with honey
महोदय m. mahodaya lord
महोदय m. mahodaya sovereignty
महोदय m. mahodaya master
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