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भर्त्रिम adj. bhartrima maintained
रक्षित adj. rakSita maintained
धार्यमाण adj. dhAryamANa maintained
धृत adj. dhRta maintained
समालम्बित adj. samAlambita maintained
विभृत adj. vibhRta maintained
समर्थित adj. samarthita maintained
सुभृत adj. subhRta well-maintained
सुभृत adj. subhRta well-maintained
सुपोष adj. supoSa easy to be maintained
संवत्सरभृत adj. saMvatsarabhRta maintained for a year
सुभृत adj. subhRta well borne or maintained
अग्निदग्ध m. agnidagdha maintained a sacred fire
भरत m. bharata to be or being maintained
धार्य adj. dhArya to be upheld or maintained
संवर्धनीय adj. saMvardhanIya to be fed or maintained on
असंवत्सरभृत adj. asaMvatsarabhRta not maintained a whole year
भृत्य m. bhRtya one who is to be maintained
आर्द्रैधाग्नि m. ArdraidhAgni fire maintained by wet wood
स्वयम्भृत adj. svayambhRta self-maintained or nourished
चिराश्रित adj. cirAzrita long maintained or protected
स्वयम्भृत adj. svayambhRta self-maintained or nourished
सम्भृत adj. sambhRta well maintained or nourished
सम्भार्य adj. sambhArya to be maintained or nourished
परिधार्य adj. paridhArya to be preserved or maintained
नित्यानुगृहीत adj. nityAnugRhIta constantly maintained or kept
भृत्य adj. bhRtya to be nourished or maintained
व्यारब्ध adj. vyArabdha properly upheld or maintained
सम्भृत्य adj. sambhRtya to be maintained or nourished
विधारयितव्य adj. vidhArayitavya to be supported or maintained
संवत्सरोपासित adj. saMvatsaropAsita served or maintained for a year
नित्यधृत adj. nityadhRta constantly maintained or kept up
संवत्सरभृतिन् adj. saMvatsarabhRtin one who has maintained for a year
अनुपाल्य adj. anupAlya to be guarded or kept or maintained
विहितवृत्ति adj. vihitavRtti one who is maintained or nourished by
भरणीय adj. bharaNIya to be borne or supported or maintained
संवत्सरदीक्ष adj. saMvatsaradIkSa having the dIkSA maintained for a year
भरण्य adj. bharaNya to be maintained or cherished or protected
भर्तव्य adj. bhartavya to be supported or maintained or nourished
फक्किका f. phakkikA previous statement or thesis to be maintained
सन्धार्यते verb pass. sandhAryate { saMdhR } be held together or borne or kept or maintained
परिपालनीय adj. paripAlanIya to be guarded or preserved or kept or maintained
दुर्भर adj. durbhara difficult to be borne or supported or maintained
सन्धार्य adj. sandhArya to be kept to be held or maintained or observed
पक्ष m. pakSa position advanced or an argument to be maintained
पालनीय adj. pAlanIya to be guarded or protected or maintained or observed
प्राजहित m. prAjahita gArhapatya fire maintained during a longer period of time
भार्य adj. bhArya to be borne or supported or cherished or nourished or maintained
पक्त्र n. paktra state of a householder who possesses a sacred fire or that fire perpetually maintained by him
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