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मैथुन n. maithuna sexual intercourse
मैथुन n. maithuna copulation
मैथुन-रोग m. maithuna-roga venereal disease
मैथुनसम्बन्धिन् adj. maithunasambandhin sexual
मैथुन adj. maithuna connected by marriage
मैथुन adj. maithuna paired
मैथुन adj. maithuna relating or belonging to copulation
मैथुन adj. maithuna coupled
मैथुन adj. maithuna forming a pair or one of each sex
मैथुन n. maithuna mating
मैथुन n. maithuna connection
मैथुन n. maithuna sexual intercourse or union
मैथुन n. maithuna union
मैथुन n. maithuna marriage
मैथुनगत adj. maithunagata engaged in copulation
मैथुनज्वर m. maithunajvara sexual passion
मैथुनगमन n. maithunagamana sexual intercourse
मैथुनाभाषण n. maithunAbhASaNa conversation in which allusions are made to sexual intercourse
मैथुनधर्मिन् adj. maithunadharmin cohabiting
मैथुनधर्मिन् adj. maithunadharmin copulating
मैथुनाभिघात m. maithunAbhighAta prohibition of sexual intercourse
मैथुनं करोति verb 8 maithunaM karoti { kR } copulate
मैथुनवैराग्य n. maithunavairAgya abstinence from sexual intercourse
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