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मैत्र adj. maitra friendly
मैत्र adj. maitra amicable
मैत्र adj. maitra kind
मैत्र adj. maitra affectionate
मैत्रक n. maitraka friendship
मैत्र adj. maitra coming from or given by or belonging to a friend
मैत्र adj. maitra belonging or relating to mitra
मैत्र adj. maitra benevolent
मैत्र m. maitra friend of all creatures
मैत्र m. maitra alliance based on good-will
मैत्र m. maitra anus on
मैत्र m. maitra friend
मैत्र m. maitra man's name much used as the name of an imaginary person in giving examples in gram. and philosophy
मैत्र m. maitra Brahman who has arrived at the highest state of human perfection
मैत्र n. maitra multitude of friends
मैत्र n. maitra early morning prayer addressed to mitra
मैत्र n. maitra friendship
मैत्र n. maitra evacuation of excrement
मैत्रक m. maitraka person who worships in a Buddhist temple
मैत्रता f. maitratA benevolence
मैत्रता f. maitratA friendship
मैत्रायण n. maitrAyaNa benevolence
मैत्रायण n. maitrAyaNa kind or friendly way
मैत्रायति verb maitrAyati { maitrAya } be kind or friendly
मैत्रचित्त adj. maitracitta benevolent
मैत्रचित्त adj. maitracitta kind
मैत्रचित्त n. maitracitta benevolence
मैत्रावरुण adj. maitrAvaruNa belonging to them
मैत्रावरुण adj. maitrAvaruNa relating to the priest called maitrAvaruNa
मैत्रावरुणि m. maitrAvaruNi name of vAlmIki
मैत्रावरुणि m. maitrAvaruNi name of vasiSTha
मैत्रनक्षत्र n. maitranakSatra nakSatra anurAdhA
मैत्रावरुणीय adj. maitrAvaruNIya relating to the priest called maitrAvaruNa
मैत्राबार्हस्पत्य adj. maitrAbArhaspatya belonging to mitra and bRhaspati
मैत्रावरुणचमसीय adj. maitrAvaruNacamasIya being in the cup of this priest
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