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मलिन adj. malina foul
मलिन adj. malina unclean
मलिन adj. malina impure
मलिन adj. malina dirty
मलिनता f. malinatA dirtiness
मलिनयति verb denom. malinayati { malinay } dim
मलिनयति verb denom. malinayati { malinay } stain
मलिनमातृका f. malinamAtRkA corrupted file [computer]
मलिन adj. malina black
मलिन adj. malina of a dark colour
मलिन adj. malina filthy
मलिन adj. malina soiled
मलिन adj. malina rusty
मलिन adj. malina dark gray
मलिन adj. malina tarnished
मलिन adj. malina gray
मलिन f. malina woman during menstruation
मलिन m. malina religious mendicant wearing dirty clothes a pAzupata
मलिन n. malina water
मलिन n. malina borax
मलिन n. malina buttermilk
मलिन n. malina vile or bad action
मलिनता f. malinatA moral impurity
मलिनता f. malinatA blackness
मलिनता f. malinatA impurity
मलिनता f. malinatA moral blackness
मलिनाम्बु n. malinAmbu ink
मलिनाम्बु n. malinAmbu black-fluid
मलिनास्य adj. malinAsya vulgar
मलिनास्य adj. malinAsya dark-faced
मलिनास्य adj. malinAsya wicked
मलिनास्य adj. malinAsya dirty-faced
मलिनास्य adj. malinAsya low
मलिनास्य adj. malinAsya savage
मलिनास्य adj. malinAsya cruel
मलिनत्व n. malinatva wickedness
मलिनत्व n. malinatva blackness
मलिनत्व n. malinatva moral blackness
मलिनात्मन् adj. malinAtman having a spotted nature
मलिनात्मन् adj. malinAtman impure-minded
मलिनयति verb malinayati { malinaya } tarnish
मलिनयति verb malinayati { malinaya } soil
मलिनयति verb malinayati { malinaya } make dirty
मलिनयति verb malinayati { malinaya } defile
मलिनयति verb denom. malinayati { malinay } contaminate
मलिनमनस् adj. malinamanas having a foul mind
मलिनमुख adj. malinamukha dirty-faced
मलिनमुख adj. malinamukha vile
मलिनमुख adj. malinamukha fierce
मलिनमुख adj. malinamukha wicked
मलिनमुख adj. malinamukha cruel
मलिनमुख adj. malinamukha dark-faced
मलिनमुख m. malinamukha kind of ape
मलिनमुख m. malinamukha apparition
मलिनमुख m. malinamukha fire
मलिनमुख m. malinamukha ghost
मलिनमुख m. malinamukha departed spirit
मलिनप्रभ adj. malinaprabha whose light is obscured or clouded
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