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verb { mallayuddhaM kR } wrestle
मल्ल adj. malla athletic
मल्ल m. malla athlete
मल्ल m. malla boxer
मल्लक m. mallaka lamp
मल्लक m. mallaka tooth
मल्लक m. mallaka lamp stand
मल्लयुद्ध n. mallayuddha boxing
मल्लकन्दुक m. mallakanduka rugby
मल्ल adj. malla excellent
मल्ल adj. malla robust
मल्ल adj. malla good
मल्ल adj. malla strong
मल्ला f. mallA ornamenting the person with coloured unguents
मल्ला f. mallA woman
मल्ला f. mallA Arabian jasmine
मल्ल m. malla kind of fish
मल्ल m. malla very strong man
मल्ल m. malla boiler
मल्ल m. malla vessel
मल्ल m. malla cheek and temples
मल्ल m. malla remnant of an oblation
मल्ल m. malla wrestler
मल्ल m. malla wrestler or boxer by profession
मल्लः n. mallaH sour [taste]
मल्लज n. mallaja black pepper
मल्लक m. mallaka any vessel
मल्लक m. mallaka cup or leaf in which anything is wrapped
मल्लक m. mallaka lamp-stand
मल्लक m. mallaka vessel made out of a cocoa-nut shell
मल्लारि m. mallAri enemy of the asura malla
मल्लारि m. mallAri of two authors
मल्लारि m. mallAri of ziva
मल्लते verb mallate { mall } hold
मल्लते verb mallate { mall } have
माल्लवी f. mAllavI procession or expedition of wrestlers
मल्लभू f. mallabhU site of any conflict
मल्लभू f. mallabhU wrestling ground
मल्लभू f. mallabhU field of battle
मल्लनाग m. mallanAga letter-carrier
मल्लनाग m. mallanAga indra's elephant
मल्लराज m. mallarAja chief wrestler
मल्लताल m. mallatAla kind of measure
मल्लवेश m. mallaveza wrestler's dress
मल्लशाला f. mallazAlA room for wrestling or boxing
मल्लभूमि f. mallabhUmi wrestling ground
मल्लघटी f. mallaghaTI kind of pantomime
मल्लक्रीडा f. mallakrIDA athletic sports
मल्लक्रीडा f. mallakrIDA wrestling or boxing match
मल्लारिष्टा f. mallAriSTA kind of plant
मल्लतूर्य n. mallatUrya kind of drum beaten during a wrestling match
मल्लविद्या f. mallavidyA art of wrestling
मल्लयात्रा f. mallayAtrA line or procession of wrestlers
मल्लयुद्ध n. mallayuddha wrestling or boxing match
मल्लयुद्ध n. mallayuddha prize-fight
मल्लयुद्ध n. mallayuddha pugilistic encounter
मल्लकसम्पुट n. mallakasampuTa vessel consisting of two halves
मल्लशिलायुद्ध n. mallazilAyuddha fight with stones between wrestlers
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