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पुंस्कटी f. puMskaTI man's hip
नृबाहु m. nRbAhu man's arm
शृङ्खल m. zRGkhala man's belt
नृशृङ्ग n. nRzRGga man's horn
मनुष्यशृङ्ग n. manuSyazRGga man's-horn
नरदन्त m. naradanta man's tooth
पुरुषच्छन्दस n. puruSacchandasa man's metre
नरमांस n. naramAMsa man's flesh
नरकपाल n. narakapAla man's skull
मानव n. mAnava man's length
पौरुष n. pauruSa man's length
वैदी f. vaidI wise man's wife
मानुषमांसाद adj. mAnuSamAMsAda eating man's flesh
कालरात्री f. kAlarAtrI night of a man's death
कालरात्रि f. kAlarAtri night of a man's death
दशापरिपाक m. dazAparipAka change in a man's fate
पुरुषायुष n. puruSAyuSa duration of a man's life
क्षेत्रीयति verb kSetrIyati { kSetrIya } desire another man's wife
मृतवस्त्रभृत् adj. mRtavastrabhRt wearing a dead man's clothes
दशापति m. dazApati planet governing a man's life
उत्तमसङ्ग्रह m. uttamasaGgraha intriguing with another man's wife
तुलापुरुष m. tulApuruSa gift of gold equal to a man's weight
तुलापुरुषदान n. tulApuruSadAna gift of gold equal to a man's weight
नरविषाण n. naraviSANa man's horn i.e. anything nonexistent
पुरुषतेजस् adj. puruSatejas having a man's energy or manly vigour
चतुर्भागीया f. caturbhAgIyA brick of the 4th part of a man's length
षड्भागीया f. SaDbhAgIyA having the sixth part of a man's length
भार्यारु m. bhAryAru father of a child by another man's wife
रथगणक m. rathagaNaka officer who numbers or counts a great man's chariots
वृद्धानुशासन n. vRddhAnuzAsana direction or ordinance of the aged an old man's advice
रथकल्पक m. rathakalpaka arranger or superintendent of a king's or a great man's equipages
आयुर्दाय m. AyurdAya predicting the length of a man's life from the aspect of the stars
अनुलोमा f. anulomA woman of a lower caste than that of the man's with whom she is connected
आयुर्योग m. Ayuryoga conjunction of planets enabling an astrologer to predict the course of a man's life
मैत्र m. maitra man's name much used as the name of an imaginary person in giving examples in gram. and philosophy
ब्रह्मरेखा f. brahmarekhA lines of a man's destiny supposed to be written by brahmA on the forehead of a child on the 6th day after its birth
कालनर m. kAlanara figure of a man's body on the various limbs of which the twelve signs of the zodiac are distributed for the purpose of foretelling future destinies
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