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मनन adj. manana thoughtful
मनन n. manana thinking
मानन n. mAnana honouring
मानन n. mAnana respecting
मननं करोति verb mananaM karoti { kR } think
मानन adj. mAnana consisting of realgar or red arsenic
मनन adj. manana careful
मानन adj. mAnana serving as a token of respect
मनान adj. manAna devout
मनान adj. manAna pious
मानन f. mAnana paying honour
मनना indecl. mananA thoughtfully
मनना indecl. mananA deliberately
मनन n. manana reverence on
मनन n. manana intelligence
मनन n. manana thought
मानन n. mAnana showing respect
मनन n. manana meditation
मनन n. manana homage
मनन n. manana reflection
मनन n. manana understanding
मनानक् ind. manAnak little
मनानक् ind. manAnak short time
मननवत् adj. mananavat attended with homage
मननयुक्त adj. mananayukta attended with homage
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