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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
असित m. asita mantra
गम्भीर m. gambhIra mantra of the
स्त्रीमन्त्र m. strImantra female mantra
शिवमन्त्र m. zivamantra ziva's mantra
विजया f. vijayA kind of mantra
आर्तिमत् m. Artimat mantra or spell
सिद्धसाध्यक m. siddhasAdhyaka particular mantra
बृहद्रथ m. bRhadratha particular mantra
हेरम्बमन्त्र m. herambamantra particular mantra
शङ्ख m. zaGkha particular mantra
सिद्धसाध्य m. siddhasAdhya particular mantra
हृन्मन्त्र m. hRnmantra particular mantra
मन्त्रविद्या f. mantravidyA science of mantras
कर्मकृतवत् m. karmakRtavat reciter of mantras
गुरु m. guru author of a mantra
मन्त्रसंनाम m. mantrasaMnAma altering the mantras
गारुड n. gAruDa mantra against poison
मन्त्रकृत adj. mantrakRta consecrated by mantras
मन्त्रतस् ind. mantratas from or by the mantras
अणु m. aNu single verse or mantra
शक्तिधर m. zaktidhara of an author of mantras
ऐकमन्त्र्य n. aikamantrya having the same mantras
जानकीमन्त्र m. jAnakImantra mantra addressed to sitA
कृष्णकवच n. kRSNakavaca kind of prayer or mantra
पूर्णा f. pUrNA of an authoress of mantras
पवित्र n. pavitra purifying prayer or mantra
मन्त्रवत् adj. mantravat entitled to use the mantras
वेदमन्त्र m. vedamantra mantra or verse of the veda
अस्त्रमन्त्र m. astramantra mantra used to charm arrows
मूलविद्या f. mUlavidyA principal science (a mantra)
सिद्धमन्त्र m. siddhamantra particular efficacious mantra
गर्भवेदन n. garbhavedana mantra producing impregnation
अजपा f. ajapA mantra or formula called haMsa
हंस m. haMsa kind of mantra or mystical text
ऋषि m. RSi hymn or mantra composed by a RSi
पञ्चमन्त्रतनु m. paJcamantratanu whose body consists of 5 mantras
सायम्मन्त्र m. sAyammantra mantra to be used in the evening
कौतोमत m. kautomata mantra beginning with kautomatam
एकपात m. ekapAta pratIka or first word of a mantra
अप्रैष adj. apraiSa not invoked with a prai*Sa mantra
बीजाक्षर n. bIjAkSara first syllable of a mantra or spell
अभिमन्त्रयते verb abhimantrayate { abhimantr } address or consecrate with a mantra
करणमन्त्र m. karaNamantra mantra pertaining to any sacred rite
अमन्त्र adj. amantra not using or applying mantra formulas
मन्त्रतोय n. mantratoya water consecrated by mantras or spells
वाज n. vAja mantra or prayer concluding a sacrifice
पवित्रपठन n. pavitrapaThana recitation of a purifying prayer or mantra
स्वस्त्ययनगण m. svastyayanagaNa collection of mantras recited for good luck
अग्निष्टोम m. agniSToma mantra or kalpa connected with the agniSToma
गुह्यविद्या f. guhyavidyA knowledge of mantras or mystical incantations
ऋक्षमन्त्र m. RkSamantra mantra or text addressed to the lunar mansions
गुरुक्रम m. gurukrama succession of teachers or of authors of mantras
सहस्रशीर्षा f. sahasrazIrSA particular mantra or the name of the Rg-veda hymn
उपदेश m. upadeza communication of the initiatory mantra or formula
स्रगणु m. sragaNu mantra or sacred text written in the form of a garland
आसनमन्त्र m. Asanamantra mantra or sacred formula to be spoken at taking a seat
छान्दोग्यमन्त्रभाष्य n. chAndogyamantrabhASya commentary on select vedic mantras by author gunavisnu
दक्षिणातिनयन m. dakSiNAtinayana mantra with which the dakSiNA cows are driven southwards
कवच n. kavaca mystical syllable forming part of a mantra used as an amulet
सुब्रह्मण्या f. subrahmaNyA particular recitation of certain mantras by the udgAtR priests
तक्मनाशनगण m. takmanAzanagaNa series of mantras or texts used as a protection against fevers
स्वस्त्ययन n. svastyayana mantra recited for good luck or the recitation of such a mantra
स्वस्त्ययन n. svastyayana mantra recited for good luck or the recitation of such a mantra
हृद्य m. hRdya Vedic mantra employed to effect the subjection of an enemy or rival
पूर्वमीमांसा f. pUrvamImAMsA inquiry into or interpretation of the first or mantra portion of the veda
प्राणप्रतिष्ठा f. prANapratiSThA ceremony of putting life into an idol by the recitation of certain mantras
यजुर्वेद m. yajurveda collective body of sacred mantras or texts which constitute the yajur-veda
चतुर्मेध m. caturmedha one who has offered 4 sacrifices or one who knows the mantras required for them
विधिमन्त्रपुरस्कृतम् ind. vidhimantrapuraskRtam in accordance with rule and with the due recitation of mantras or mystical texts
ब्रह्माङ्गभू adj. brahmAGgabhU one who has touched the several parts of his body during the repetition of mantras
बीज n. bIja mystical letter or syllable which forms the essential part of the mantra of any deity