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त्रितीयमास m. tritIyamAsa March
पूर्वचैत्र m. pUrvacaitra March
उत्तरफाल्गुन m. uttaraphAlguna March
सञ्चलन n. saJcalana march
प्रयाण n. prayANa march
ययिन् adj. yayin marching
सैनिकवत् प्रगच्छति verb sainikavat pragacchati march off
सैनिकवत् प्रतिष्ठति verb sainikavat pratiSThati march off
चैत्र m. caitra March - April
यात्रा f. yAtrA march
प्रस्थिति f. prasthiti march
व्रज्या f. vrajyA march
या f. yA march
गति f. gati march
गम m. gama march
प्रस्थान n. prasthAna march
यात्रिक n. yAtrika march
प्रयाणक n. prayANaka march
यामन् n. yAman march
निःशाण n. niHzANa march
यायाय n. yAyAya march
प्रक्रामति verb prakrAmati { prakram } march
प्रक्रमते verb prakramate { prakram } march
यात adj. yAta marched
यातृ adj. yAtR marching
प्रयायिन् adj. prayAyin marching
यायिन् adj. yAyin marching
प्रस्थायिन् adj. prasthAyin marching
यान n. yAna marching
प्रतिष्ठति verb 1 pratiSThati { pra- sthA } march to
अभिप्रयाति verb abhiprayAti { abhiprayA } march off
उदेति verb udeti { udi } march off
अभिनिर्याति verb abhiniryAti { abhiniryA } march out
निराज m. nirAja marching off
उदाज m. udAja marching out
पराक्रमते verb parAkramate { parAkram } march forward
विचरति verb vicarati { vicar } march against
पराक्रमति verb parAkramati { parAkram } march forward
अनीक m. anIka marching column
पराक्रान्ति f. parAkrAnti marching forward
प्रयाण n. prayANa marching onwards
जयप्रस्थान n. jayaprasthAna march to victory
आक्रमण n. AkramaNa marching against
चलित adj. calita being on the march
या f. yA cause to go or march
यातव्य adj. yAtavya to be marched against
यातव्य adj. yAtavya to be gone or marched
अभिनिर्याण n. abhiniryANa march of an assailant
समुद्यत adj. samudyata ready to march against
यात्रिक n. yAtrika provisions for a march
अयामन् n. ayAman no march or expedition
यात्रार्थम् ind. yAtrArtham for the sake of marching
प्रत्युपक्रमते verb pratyupakramate { pratyupakram } go or march forth against
प्रायाणिक adj. prAyANika fit for a march or journey
प्रयाणपटह m. prayANapaTaha drum beaten while marching
यानासन n. yAnAsana marching and sitting quiet
अभिषेणयति verb abhiSeNayati march with an army against
अभिषेणयति verb abhiSeNayati { abhiSeNaya } march with an army against
प्रस्थ adj. prastha going on a march or journey
अनीकशस् ind. anIkazas in rows or marching columns
अभिषिषेणयिषु adj. abhiSiSeNayiSu desirous of marching against
संसरण n. saMsaraNa unobstructed march of an army
अभिषेणन n. abhiSeNana marching against with an army
यान n. yAna marching to or upon or against
यात्रिक adj. yAtrika relating to a march or campaign
सन्धायगमन n. sandhAyagamana march after peace has been made
यात्रासन्धान n. yAtrAsandhAna marching away after making peace
प्रयातृ m. prayAtR setting out on a march or journey
यात्रिन् adj. yAtrin being on a march or in a procession
प्रस्थानदुन्दुभि m. prasthAnadundubhi drum giving the signal for marching
यात्राकरण n. yAtrAkaraNa setting forth on a journey or march
अवश्ययातव्यता f. avazyayAtavyatA necessity of marching against an enemy
यियासु adj. yiyAsu desirous of marching or taking the field
प्रस्तिष्ठति verb prastiSThati { prasthA } proceed or march to or with a view to or in order to
संसर्पद्ध्वजिनीविमर्दविलसद्धूलीमय adj. saMsarpaddhvajinIvimardavilasaddhUlImaya filled with dust rising from the tramp of a marching army
सौखयानिक m. saukhayAnika bard or other official who wishes a prince a prosperous march
यत् adj. yat march or fly together or in line ; to conform or comply with ; to meet
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