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मस्तक n. mastaka head
मस्तक n. mastaka skull
मस्तक m. mastaka summit
मस्तक m. mastaka top
मस्तक m. mastaka tuft of leaves which grows at the top of various species of palm trees
मस्तक m. mastaka upper part of anything
मस्तक m.,n. mastaka top of head [cranium]
मस्तक n. mastaka apex
मस्तकाख्य m. mastakAkhya top of a tree
मस्तकशूल n. mastakazUla head-ache
मस्तकशूल n. mastakazUla sharp or shooting pain in the head
मस्तकज्वर m. mastakajvara head-ache
मस्तकज्वर m. mastakajvara head-fever
मस्तकलुङ्ग n. mastakaluGga membrane of the brain
मस्तकस्नेह m. mastakasneha brain
मस्तकस्नेह m. mastakasneha head-marrow
मस्तकपिण्डक n. mastakapiNDaka round protuberance on the temples of an elephant in rut
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