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कटिन् adj. kaTin matted
जटा f. jaTA coil of matted hair [dreadlocks]
जटामालिन् m. jaTAmAlin garlanded with matted hair
सटा f. saTA ascetic's matted or clotted hair
धूर्जटि m. dhUrjaTi having matted locks like a burden
मुञ्जविवयन adj. muJjavivayana matted or twisted out of Munja-grass [Saccharum Munjia - Bot.]
जट m. jaTa coil of matted hair, fiber, strands, etc. [e.g., dreadlocks]
महाजट adj. mahAjaTa wearing a great braid or coil of matted hair
तेजनी f. tejanI number of reeds or straw twisted or matted together
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