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कीर्तयत् adj. kIrtayat mentioning
वचन adj. vacana mentioning
प्रकीर्तना f. prakIrtanA mentioning
वाद m. vAda mentioning
उद्भेद m. udbheda mentioning
अभ्याम्नाय m. abhyAmnAya mentioning
ग्रह m. graha mentioning
उल्लेख m. ullekha mentioning
प्रवाद m. pravAda mentioning
निगद m. nigada mentioning
सङ्ग्रह m. saGgraha mentioning
ग्रहण n. grahaNa mentioning
कीर्तन n. kIrtana mentioning
न्यसन n. nyasana mentioning
पठन n. paThana mentioning
उपादान n. upAdAna mentioning
संशब्दन n. saMzabdana mentioning
समाख्याख्यान n. samAkhyAkhyAna mentioning
उल्लेखन n. ullekhana mentioning
ग्राह m. grAha see nAmagrAha
अनुपादान n. anupAdAna not mentioning
सुवाच् adj. suvAc worth mentioning
अनूक्ति f. anUkti mentioning after
अन्वादेश m. anvAdeza mentioning after
पुनराम्नान n. punarAmnAna mentioning again
पुनरभिधान n. punarabhidhAna mentioning again
नामग्रह m. nAmagraha mentioning a name
घृतकीर्ति f. ghRtakIrti mentioning of ghee
समभिव्याहारिन् adj. samabhivyAhArin mentioning together
प्रतिनाम ind. pratinAma mentioning the name
समभिव्याहार m. samabhivyAhAra mentioning together
शीलन n. zIlana frequent mentioning
समाम्नान n. samAmnAna mentioning together
समाम्नात n. samAmnAta mentioning together
असंशब्द्य adj. asaMzabdya not worth mentioning
पितृमत् adj. pitRmat mentioning the pitRs
आतिथ्यवत् adj. Atithyavat mentioning hospitality
ग्रहण n. grahaNa mentioning with praise
नामकीर्तन n. nAmakIrtana mentioning the name of
नामधेयग्रहण n. nAmadheyagrahaNa mentioning of the name
सङ्कीर्तन n. saGkIrtana act of mentioning fully
समाख्याख्यायम् ind. samAkhyAkhyAyam while mentioning by name
नामगृह्य ind. nAmagRhya while mentioning the name
उद्देश m. uddeza mentioning a thing by name
विनिवेश m. viniveza putting down i.e. mentioning
नामजातिग्रहण n. nAmajAtigrahaNa mentioning the name and race
प्रतिनामग्रहणम् ind. pratinAmagrahaNam mentioning each individual name
कथनीय adj. kathanIya worthy of relation or mentioning
हेत्वपदेश m. hetvapadeza adducing or mentioning of a reason
निगदव्याख्यात adj. nigadavyAkhyAta explained i.e. clear by mere mentioning
समाख्याभक्ष m. samAkhyAbhakSa drinking the soma while mentioning by name
अनूद्देश m. anUddeza mentioning according to or conformably with
सुधर्मिता f. sudharmitA description of anything by mentioning its characteristics
विपरीतलक्षणा f. viparItalakSaNA ironical description of an object by mentioning its contrary properties
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