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केवलम् ind. kevalam merely
परम् ind. param merely
मनाक् ind. manAk merely
नाममात्रेण ind. nAmamAtreNa merely
एव indecl. eva merely
तन्मात्रक adj. tanmAtraka merely that
तन्मात्र n. tanmAtra merely that
अल्पमात्र n. alpamAtra little merely
स्पृष्टमात्र adj. spRSTamAtra merely touched
उक्तमाश्र adj. uktamAzra merely uttered
श्लीष्ट adj. zlISTa merely personal
नामन् n. nAman merely the name
अल्पमात्र n. alpamAtra a little merely
मात्र adj. mAtra simply or merely
ध्यातमात्र adj. dhyAtamAtra merely thought of
निमेषमात्र n. nimeSamAtra merely an instant
दृष्टमात्र adj. dRSTamAtra just or merely seen
जातमात्र adj. jAtamAtra just or merely born
ब्रुव adj. bruva being merely nominally
वन्ध्यापुत्र m. vandhyAputra anything merely imaginary
परमाणुमय adj. paramANumaya consisting merely of atoms
देहमात्रावशेषित adj. dehamAtrAvazeSita having merely the body left
मूर्तमात्र n. mUrtamAtra that which is merely material
ज्ञातमात्रे ind. jJAtamAtre on its being merely ascertained [loc.]
ध्यातमात्रागत adj. dhyAtamAtrAgata appearing when merely thought of
ध्यातमात्रोपगामिन् adj. dhyAtamAtropagAmin appearing when merely thought of
ध्यातमात्रोपनत adj. dhyAtamAtropanata appearing when merely thought of
ध्यातमात्रोपस्थित adj. dhyAtamAtropasthita appearing when merely thought of
रज्जुमात्रत्व n. rajjumAtratva condition of being merely a rope
जातमात्र adj. jAtamAtra just or merely arisen or appeared
धर्ममय adj. dharmamaya consisting merely in law or virtue
ब्रह्मबन्धु m. brahmabandhu unworthy or merely nominal Brahman
भ्रातृगन्धि m. bhrAtRgandhi having merely the name of a brother
भ्रातृगन्धिक m. bhrAtRgandhika having merely the name of a brother
एवम् ind. evam sometimes evam is merely an expletive
वन्ध्यादुहितृ f. vandhyAduhitR mere chimera or anything merely imaginary
कथा ind. kathA sometimes merely a particle of interrogation
वैयाकरणखसूचि m. vaiyAkaraNakhasUci grammarian who merely pierces the air with a needle
अर्थोपम n. arthopama simile which merely states the object of comparison
कल्पितत्व n. kalpitatva existing merely as an assumption or in the imagination
स्मृतमात्रागत adj. smRtamAtrAgata come as soon as thought of or on merely being thought about
वागालम्बन vAgAlambana from depending on mere words or on some merely verbal difference
यक्षवित्त adj. yakSavitta one who has merely the guardianship of property and does not make use of it himself
बैडालव्रति m. baiDAlavrati one who leads a chaste or continent life merely from the absence of women or temptation
कथम् ind. katham sometimes katham merely introduces an interrogation katham is often found in connection with the particles iva