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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
मध्यन्दिनीय adj. madhyandinIya meridian
युगान्त m. yugAnta meridian
मध्यदेश m. madhyadeza meridian
मध्यसूत्र n. madhyasUtra central meridian
मध्यज्या f. madhyajyA sign of the meridian
मध्यभ madhyabha meridian ecliptic point
रेखा f. rekhA first or prime meridian
मध्यम n. madhyama meridian ecliptic point
मध्यम adj. madhyama relating to the meridian
मध्यन्दिनगत adj. madhyandinagata having reached the meridian
मध्यमरेखा f. madhyamarekhA central meridian of the earth
देशान्तर n. dezAntara difference from the prime meridian
नतभाग m. natabhAga zenith-distance at meridian transit
देशान्तरफल n. dezAntaraphala equation for difference of meridian
नत n. nata zenith-distance at meridian transit
मध्यरेखा f. madhyarekhA middle line the central or first meridian
नत n. nata hour-angle or distance in time from meridian
रेखान्तर n. rekhAntara distance east or west from the first meridian
मध्यलग्न n. madhyalagna point of the ecliptic situated on the meridian
सम m. sama point of intersection of the horizon and the meridian line
दशमभाव m. dazamabhAva or that point in which the meridian crosses a given circle
युगान्तर n. yugAntara second half of the arc described by the sun and cut by the meridian
लग्न m. lagna point of the ecliptic which at a given time is upon the meridian or at the horizon