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दुग्ध adj. dugdha milked
दुघ्द adj. dughda milked
दोहित adj. dohita milked
दुह्यते verb pass. duhyate { duh } be milked
दुग्ध adj. dugdha milked out
दुघ्द adj. dughda milked out
दुग्धदोह adj. dugdhadoha milked out
तदानीन्दुग्ध adj. tadAnIndugdha just milked
प्रथमदुग्ध adj. prathamadugdha just milked
दुह्य adj. duhya to be milked
दोग्धव्य adj. dogdhavya to be milked
दोहनीय adj. dohanIya to be milked
दोह्य adj. dohya to be milked
सुप्रदोहा f. supradohA easily milked
अदुग्ध adj. adugdha not milked out
सद्योदुग्ध adj. sadyodugdha freshly milked
दुग्ध adj. dugdha milked together
दुघ्द adj. dughda milked together
सन्दुग्ध adj. sandugdha milked together
सुदोह adj. sudoha easy to be milked
सुदुह adj. suduha easy to be milked
सुखदोहा f. sukhadohA easily milked cow
सुखदोह्या f. sukhadohyA easily milked cow
रुणस्करा f. ruNaskarA cow easily milked
अभिदोह्य n. abhidohya to be milked upon
निर्दुग्ध adj. nirdugdha milked or drawn out
दोहकाम adj. dohakAma desirous to be milked
सायन्दुग्ध adj. sAyandugdha milked in the evening
त्रिस्तन adj. tristana milked from 3 nipples
अप्रदुग्ध adj. apradugdha not milked to the end
दुःखदोह्या f. duHkhadohyA difficult to be milked
दुर्दुहा f. durduhA difficult to be milked
दुर्दोहा f. durdohA difficult to be milked
सन्दुग्ध adj. sandugdha milked at the same time
दोहयते verb caus. dohayate { duh } cause milk or be milked
दोहयति verb caus. dohayati { duh } cause milk or be milked
पूर्वेद्युर्दुग्ध adj. pUrvedyurdugdha milked on the day before
पीतदुग्धा f. pItadugdhA cow tied up to be milked
अनपस्फुर् adj. anapasphur not refusing to be milked
अनपस्फुर adj. anapasphura not refusing to be milked
अनपस्फुरत् adj. anapasphurat not refusing to be milked
सुव्रत m. suvrata cow that is easily milked
धर्मदुघा f. dharmadughA cow milked for a sacrifice
करटा f. karaTA cow difficult to be milked
धाराशित adj. dhArAzita cooled after having been milked
तिष्ठद्गु ind. tiSThadgu when the cows stand to be milked
यज्ञदुग्ध adj. yajJadugdha milked or drawn out by a sacrifice
अभ्यवदुग्ध adj. abhyavadugdha that upon which milk has been milked
गोदोहम् ind. godoham as long as the cows are being milked
सन्धिनी f. sandhinI cow milked unseasonably or every second day
आतिष्ठद्गु ind. AtiSThadgu till the cows stand to be milked or after sunset
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