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विशेष m. vizeSa modification
विक्रिया f. vikriyA modification
विकृति f. vikRti modification
विभक्ति f. vibhakti modification
उपसंयोग m. upasaMyoga modification
ऊह m. Uha modification
विवर्त m. vivarta modification
विकार m. vikAra modification
भेद m. bheda modification
वैकार्य n. vaikArya modification
ऊहन n. Uhana modification
वैकृत n. vaikRta modification
विकरण n. vikaraNa modification
वैकृत adj. vaikRta subject to modification
अनूह m. anUha absence of modification
रङ्ग m. raGga nasal modification of a vowel
तमोविकार m. tamovikAra modification of the guNa tamas
वैकारिक adj. vaikArika based on or subject to modification
योगापत्ति f. yogApatti modification of usage or application
वैवृत्त m. vaivRtta particular modification of Vedic accent
सविकार adj. savikAra undergoing modification or decomposition
वृद्धि f. vRddhi second modification or increase of vowels
वृद्धिमत् adj. vRddhimat causing the vowel-modification called vRddhi
वृद्धिमत् adj. vRddhimat causing the vowel-modification called vRddhi
रागिणी f. rAgiNI modification of the musical mode called rAga
भावविकार m. bhAvavikAra modification of the notion to be or to become
प्रतितूणी f. pratitUNI modification of the nervous disease called tUNI
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