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वाश्र adj. vAzra mooing
रम्भ adj. rambha mooing
रम्भा f. rambhA mooing
मायु m. mAyu mooing
बम्भारव m. bambhArava mooing
रम्भण n. rambhaNa mooing
रम्भित n. rambhita mooing
हुङ्कृत n. huGkRta mooing
हिङ्क्रिया f. hiGkriyA mooing cry
वाश्रा f. vAzrA mooing cow
भम्भारव m. bhambhArava mooing of cows
रेभण n. rebhaNa mooing of cows
अभिवाशत् adj. abhivAzat mooing or roaring towards
हम्भा f. hambhA mooing or bellowing of cattle
गोरुत n. goruta as far as a cow's mooing may be heard
हिङ् ind. hiG mooing sound or cry made by a cow seeking her calf
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