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शशितनय m. zazitanaya moon's son
शशाङ्कज m. zazAGkaja moon's son
शशिज m. zazija moon's son
शशाङ्कतनय m. zazAGkatanaya moon's son
शशाङ्कशत्रु m. zazAGkazatru moon's foe
m. Tha moon's disk
विधुमण्डल n. vidhumaNDala moon's disc
दक्षजा f. dakSajA Moon's wives
दक्षसुत f. dakSasuta Moon's wives
शशिप्रभा f. zaziprabhA moon's lustre
शशिखण्ड n. zazikhaNDa moon's crescent
शशिधामन् n. zazidhAman moon's splendour
राजप्रिया f. rAjapriyA moon's favourite wife
तुरण्य m. turaNya one of the moon's horses
प्रतिग्रह m. pratigraha sun near the moon's node
ज्योत्स्ना f. jyotsnA one of the moon's 16 kalAs
राजकला f. rAjakalA 16th part of the moon's disk
क्षयपक्ष m. kSayapakSa fortnight of the moon's wane
चन्द्रामृतरस m. candrAmRtarasa essence of the moon's nectar
लम्बन n. lambana moon's parallax in longitude
चान्द्रायण m. cAndrAyaNa observer of the moon's course
शुक्लपक्ष m. zuklapakSa 15 days of the moon's increase
अनुमति f. anumati fifteenth day of the moon's age
चन्द्रकला f. candrakalA digit or 116 of the moon's disc
सार्धचन्द्र sArdhacandra together with the moon's crescent
शशिखण्डशेखर m. zazikhaNDazekhara having the moon's crescent as diadem
शशाङ्कशृङ्ग n. zazAGkazRGga horn or point of the moon's crescent
ऐरावत f. airAvata particular portion of the moon's path
नागवीथी f. nAgavIthI moon's path through the asterisms svAti
मध्याह्नेन्दुप्रभाकर्ण n. madhyAhnenduprabhAkarNa hypotenuse of the moon's midland shadow
कला f. kalA digit or one-sixteenth of the moon's diameter
लग्ननक्षत्र n. lagnanakSatra any auspicious constellation in the moon's path
उडु n. uDu lunar mansion or constellation in the moon's path
ललितापञ्चमी f. lalitApaJcamI 5th day of the moon's increase in the month Azvina
लम्बनविधि m. lambanavidhi rule for calculating the moon's parallax in longitude
मुसल m.n. musala 22nd astronomical yoga or division of the moon's path
गोवीथी f. govIthI that portion of the moon's path which contains the asterisms
नाक्षत्र n. nAkSatra month computed by the moon's passage through the 27 mansions
लेखा f. lekhA pale or faintly discernible streak of the young moon's crescent
प्रतिपुष्यम् ind. pratipuSyam at each time of the moon's entrance into the constellation puSya
महावारुणी f. mahAvAruNI festival on the 13th day of the moon's decrease in the month caitra
पर्वन् n. parvan day of the moon's passing the node at its opposition or conjunction
ग्रहनेमि m. grahanemi section of the moon's course between the asterisms mUla and mRgaziras
गति f. gati certain division of the moon's path and the position of the planet in it
महालया f. mahAlayA day of the moon's change in the month bhAdra and the last day of the Hindu lunar year
पार्वणश्राद्ध n. pArvaNazrAddha ceremony in honour of ancestors performed at the conjunction of sun and moon i.e. at new moon and at other periods of the moon's
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