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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
ततः परम् adverb tataH param moreover
भूयस् adverb bhUyas moreover
अपर adj. apara moreover
adverb ca moreover
पुनः adverb punaH moreover
अथच ind. athaca moreover
पुनर् ind. punar moreover
अथापि ind. athApi moreover
सजूस् ind. sajUs moreover
अपरम् ind. aparam moreover
अथ ind. atha moreover
किम् ind. kim moreover
अन्यत् indecl. anyat moreover
अपरम् च indecl. aparam ca moreover
सम्बद्धम् indecl. sambaddham moreover
अपि च indecl. api ca moreover
उप adverb upa moreover near to
अपर adj. apara Sometimes apara is used as a conjunction to connect words or sentences e.g. aparaMca, moreover
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