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मातुः indecl. mAtuH of mother [mother's]
मातृनन्दन m. mAtRnandana mother's joy
मातृगर्भ m. mAtRgarbha mother's womb
स्त्रीक्षीर n. strIkSIra mother's milk
प्रमातृ f. pramAtR mother's mother
अत्ता f. attA mother's sister
मातृष्वसृ f. mAtRSvasR mother's sister
मातामह m. mAtAmaha mother's father
मातृवंश m. mAtRvaMza mother's family
मातृगोत्र n. mAtRgotra mother's family
मातुर्भ्रात्र m. mAturbhrAtra mother's brother
मातृकेसट m. mAtRkesaTa mother's brother
वैमात्र m. vaimAtra step-mother's son
वैमात्रेय m. vaimAtreya step-mother's son
मातृनिवातम् ind. mAtRnivAtam at a mother's side
मातृतस् ind. mAtRtas on the mother's side
मातृष्वसेय m. mAtRSvaseya mother's sister's son
आत्मबन्धु m. Atmabandhu mother's sister's son
वैमात्रेयी f. vaimAtreyI step-mother's daughter
आत्मबन्धु m. Atmabandhu mother's brother's son
वैमात्र m.f. vaimAtra step-mother's daughter
मातृष्वसेयी f. mAtRSvaseyI mother's sister's daughter
स्तनत्याग m. stanatyAga leaving the mother's breast
अपस्तन adj. apastana far from the mother's breast
मातृबन्धु m. mAtRbandhu relation on the mother's side
स्तन्यत्याग m. stanyatyAga ceasing to drink a mother's milk
मातृकच्छिद m. mAtRkacchida one who cut off his mother's head
भ्रमराम्बाक्षेत्र n. bhramarAmbAkSetra bee-mother's i.e. durgA's district
मातृबन्धु n. mAtRbandhu blood relationship on the mother's side
स्तन्यरोग m. stanyaroga sickness caused by unhealthy mother's milk
मातृपक्ष adj. mAtRpakSa belonging to the mother's side or maternal line
मालवक m. mAlavaka adulterous offspring of zUdra parents whose mother's husband is still alive
मणिकार m. maNikAra adulterous off spring of vaizya parents whose mother's husband is still alive
अनन्तरज m. anantaraja son of a kSatriyA or vaizyA mother by a father belonging to the caste immediately above the mother's
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