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कण्ठयति verb kaNThayati { kaNTh } mourn
कृपायते verb kRpAyate { kRpAya } mourn
परिशोचति verb parizocati { parizuc } mourn
कण्ठते verb kaNThate { kaNTh } mourn
परिशोचते verb parizocate { parizuc } mourn
संशोचति verb saMzocati { saMzuc } mourn
कण्ठति verb kaNThati { kaNTh } mourn
खायति verb 1 khAyati mourn
कृपते verb 6 kRpate { kRp } mourn
अनुपृपते verb 6 anupRpate { anukRp } mourn
अनुकृपते verb 6 anukRpate { anukRp } mourn
संशोचयति verb caus. saMzocayati { saMzuc } mourn
शोचयते verb caus. zocayate { zuc } mourn
शोचयति verb caus. zocayati { zuc } mourn
करुण adj. karuNa mournful
कृपायितवत् adj. kRpAyitavat mourning
करुणात्मन् adj. karuNAtman mournful
कृप् f. kRp to mourn
करुणम् indecl. karuNam mournfully
समनुशोचति verb samanuzocati { samanuzuc } mourn over
अनुशोचति verb 1 anuzocati { anuzuc } mourn over
अनुशोचयति verb caus. anuzocayati mourn over
चेलरुचिका f. celarucikA mourning band
शोचति verb zocati { zuc } mourn at or for
अनुप्रशोचते verb anuprazocate { anuprazuc } regret or mourn deeply
बन्धुशोक m. bandhuzoka mourning for a relative
विलापयते verb caus. vilApayate { vilap } cause to mourn or lament
विलापयति verb caus. vilApayati { vilap } cause to mourn or lament
शोचितव्य adj. zocitavya to be lamented or mourned
एकवेणि f. ekaveNi hairstyle of mourning women [when husband is away or dead]
प्ररोदिति verb praroditi { prarud } begin to mourn or cry or weep
अपस्नात adj. apasnAta bathing during mourning or upon the death of a relation
श्राद्ध n. zrAddha ceremony in honour and for the benefit of dead relatives observed with great strictness at various fixed periods and on occasion
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