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गुड m. guDa mouthful
पिण्ड m. piNDa mouthful
गण्डोलक m. gaNDolaka mouthful
अनुग्रासक m. anugrAsaka mouthful
गण्डोल m. gaNDola mouthful
गुडक m. guDaka mouthful
गुडेर m. guDera mouthful
गुडेरक m. guDeraka mouthful
ग्रास m. grAsa mouthful
गडोल m. gaDola mouthful
कवल m. kavala mouthful [as of water]
कवक n. kavaka mouthful
गण्डूष adj. gaNDUSa mouthful of water
चलु m. calu mouthful of water
कवड m. kavaDa mouthful of water
मुखपुरण n. mukhapuraNa mouthful of water
गण्डूष m. gaNDUSa mouthful (of water)
अनुग्रासक m. anugrAsaka equivalent of a mouthful
कवलित adj. kavalita swallowed by the mouthful
कवलता f. kavalatA state of being a mouthful
कवलन adj. kavalana swallowing by the mouthful
मुनिव्रतिन् adj. munivratin one who eats eight mouthfuls
चुलुक m.n. culuka handful or mouthful of water
भक्तपुलाक n. bhaktapulAka mouthful of rice kneaded into a ball
कवलग्रह m. kavalagraha taking a mouthful of water for swallowing
पुष्कल n. puSkala alms to the extent of 4 mouthfuls of food
सिक्थ m.n. siktha lump or mouthful of boiled rice kneaded into a ball
चान्द्रायण n. cAndrAyaNa food being diminished every day by one mouthful for the dark fortnight
गोग्रास m. gogrAsa ceremony of presenting a mouthful of grass to a cow when performing an expiatory rite
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