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मुष्टि m. muSTi fist
मुष्टि m. muSTi clenched hand
मुष्टिका f. muSTikA handful
मुष्टिका f. muSTikA grip
मुष्टी करोति verb muSTI karoti { muSTIkR } clench the fist
मुष्टी करोति verb muSTI karoti { muSTIkR } close the hand
आरोध - मुष्टि f. Arodha - muSTi brake shoe [railway]
मुष्टि m. f. muSTi handful
मुष्टि m.f. muSTi compendium
मुष्टि m.f. muSTi stealing
मुष्टि m.f. muSTi abridgment
मुष्टि m.f. muSTi filching
मुष्टि m.f. muSTi penis
मुष्टि m.f. muSTi particular measure
मुष्टि m.f. muSTi hilt or handle
मुष्टिक m. muSTika goldsmith
मुष्टिक m. muSTika handful
मुष्टिक n. muSTika pugilistic encounter
मुष्टिता f. muSTitA firmness of grasp
मुष्टिहन् adj. muSTihan striking with the fist
मुष्टिहन् adj. muSTihan fighting hand to hand
मुष्टिदेश m. muSTideza part of a bow which is grasped in the hand
मुष्टिदेश m. muSTideza middle of a bow
मुष्टिमेय adj. muSTimeya to be measured or spanned with one hand
मुष्टिमित adj. muSTimita handful
मुष्टिपात m. muSTipAta pummelling
मुष्टिपात m. muSTipAta boxing
मुष्टिस्थ n. muSTistha kind of game
मुष्टियोग m. muSTiyoga offering of handfuls i.e. small quantities
मुष्टिधय adj. muSTidhaya sucking the fist
मुष्टिधय m. muSTidhaya boy
मुष्टिद्यूत n. muSTidyUta kind of game
मुष्टिद्यूत n. muSTidyUta odd or even
मुष्टिघात m. muSTighAta blow with the fist
मुष्टिग्रह m. muSTigraha clasping with one hand
मुष्टिमुख adj. muSTimukha having a fist-like face
मुष्टिवध m. muSTivadha devastation of the crops
मुष्टिबन्ध m. muSTibandha closing the hand
मुष्टिबन्ध m. muSTibandha handful
मुष्टिग्राह्य adj. muSTigrAhya to be clasped with one hand
मुष्टिकघ्न m. muSTikaghna slayer of muSTika
मुष्टिकरण n. muSTikaraNa clenching the fist
मुष्टिकर्मन् n. muSTikarman clenching the fist
मुष्टिमान्द्य n. muSTimAndya slight loosening of the bow-string
मुष्टिन्धम adj. muSTindhama blowing into the fist
मुष्टिवर्चस् n. muSTivarcas feces compacted into a ball
मुष्टियुद्ध n. muSTiyuddha pugilistic encounter
मुष्टिकान्तक m. muSTikAntaka annihilator of muSTika
मुष्टिविसर्ग m. muSTivisarga opening of the fist or closed hand
मुष्टिकाकथन n. muSTikAkathana talking with the fingers
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