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मुकुल adj. mukula closed
मुकुल m. mukula bud-like junction or bringing together of the fingers of the hand
मुकुल n. mukula bud
मुकुल n. mukula bud (of flower)
मुकुल n. mukula kind of metre
मुकुल n. mukula body
मुकुल n. mukula soul
मुकुलाग्र n. mukulAgra particular surgical instrument with a bud-like point
मुकुलायित adj. mukulAyita blossomed
मुकुलायित adj. mukulAyita budded
मुकुरायते verb mukurAyate { mukulAya } shut like a bud
मुकुरायते verb mukurAyate { mukulAya } resemble a closed bud
मुकुरायते verb mukurAyate { mukulaya } cause to close or shut
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