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तत्र नासीत् sent. tatra nAsIt It was not there.
आवश्यकं नासीत् expr. AvazyakaM nAsIt It was not necessary.
प्रश्नेषु विकल्पः एव नासीत् sent. prazneSu vikalpaH eva nAsIt Among the questions [in the examination], there was no option to choose at all. [i.e., all had to be answered]
शय्यायाः उपरि नासीत् | मम कोषे एव आसीत् | क्षम्यताम् sent. zayyAyAH upari nAsIt | mama koSe eva AsIt | kSamyatAm It was not on the couch. It was in my pocket all along. Sorry.
नाशित adj. nAzita lost
नाशित adj. nAzita expelled
नाशित adj. nAzita banished
नाशित adj. nAzita destroyed
नाशित adj. nAzita ruined
नाशित adj. nAzita an outcast
नशितृ adj. nazitR one who disappears or destroys
नाशितसङ्ग्रह m. nAzitasaGgraha intercourse with an outcast
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