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नीचैः adverb nIcaiH down
नीचैः adverb nIcaiH below
नीचैः indecl. nIcaiH low
निचेतृ m. nicetR minder
निचेतृ m. nicetR observer
निचेतृ m. nicetR overseer
नीचैस् ind. nIcais downwards
नीचैस् ind. nIcais low
नीचैस् ind. nIcais gently
नीचैस् ind. nIcais modestly
नीचैस् ind. nIcais also used adjectively
नीचैस् ind. nIcais he appeared lower or shorter
नीचैस् ind. nIcais softly
नीचैस् ind. nIcais below
नीचैस् ind. nIcais humbly
नीचैस् ind. nIcais underneath
नीचैस् ind. nIcais down
नीचैस् ind. nIcais in a low or deep tone
निचेरु adj. niceru creeping
निचेरु adj. niceru gliding
निचेतृ nicetR observing
निचेय adj. niceya to be piled or heaped up
निचेकाय m. nicekAya continual or repeated piling up
नीचैःकर adj. nIcaiHkara causing a low or deep tone
नीचैःकर adj. nIcaiHkara giving depth of voice
नीचैस्तन adj. nIcaistana low
नीचैःकारम् ind. nIcaiHkAram in a low tone
नीचैःकारम् ind. nIcaiHkAram softly
नीचैःकारम् ind. nIcaiHkAram gently
नीचैःकृत्वा ind. nIcaiHkRtvA softly
नीचैःकृत्वा ind. nIcaiHkRtvA gently
नीचैःकृत्वा ind. nIcaiHkRtvA in a low tone
नीचैःकृत्य ind. nIcaiHkRtya gently
नीचैःकृत्य ind. nIcaiHkRtya in a low tone
नीचैःकृत्य ind. nIcaiHkRtya softly
नीचैराख्य adj. nIcairAkhya named low
नीचैर्मुख adj. nIcairmukha with downcast countenance
नीचैस्तराम् ind. nIcaistarAm deeper
नीचैस्तराम् ind. nIcaistarAm gentler
नीचैस्तराम् ind. nIcaistarAm lower
नीचैस्तराम् ind. nIcaistarAm softer
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