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अभिनन्दयति verb caus. abhinandayati { abhi- nand } gladden
नान्द adj. nAnda relating to nanda
नन्दा f. nandA happiness
नन्दा f. nandA husband's sister
नन्दा f. nandA Delight
नन्दा f. nandA small earthen water-jar
नन्दा f. nandA Felicity
नन्दा f. nandA prosperity
नन्द m. nanda son
नन्द m. nanda delight
नन्द m. nanda happiness
नन्द m. nanda flute 7 inches long
नन्द m. nanda joy
नन्द n. nanda kind of house
नान्दी f. nAndI joy
नन्दि f. nandi Joy personified as daughter of Heaven or as wife of kAma and mother of harSa
नन्दि f. nandi happiness
नान्दी f. nAndI kind of blessing pronounced as a prologue to a drama
नन्दी f. nandI kind of song or musical instrument
नान्दी f. nAndI particular measure
नान्दी f. nAndI pleasure
नन्दि f. nandi welfare
नान्दी f. nAndI eulogium or praise of a deity
नन्दि f. nandi joy
नन्दि f. nandi joy
नन्दी f. nandI red cedar [Cedrela Toona - Bot.]
नान्दी f. nAndI satisfaction
नन्दि m. nandi of ziva
नन्दि m. nandi name of a gandharva
नन्दि m. nandi happy one
नन्दि m. nandi of a man
नन्दि m. nandi of an attendant of ziva
नन्दि m. nandi speaker of a prologue
नन्दि n. nandi class of sacred writings
नन्दिन् adj. nandin liking
नन्दिन् adj. nandin delighting in
नन्दिन् adj. nandin gladdening
नन्दिन् adj. nandin rejoicing
नन्दिन् m. nandin speaker of a prologue
नन्दिन् m. nandin son
नन्दिन् m. nandin particular form of temple
नन्दक adj. nandaka gladdening
नन्दक adj. nandaka rejoicing
नन्दक adj. nandaka delighting in
नन्दक adj. nandaka making happy
नन्दक m. nandaka joy
नन्दक m. nandaka frog
नन्दक m. nandaka delight
नन्दकि m. nandaki long pepper
नन्दन adj. nandana gladdening
नन्दन adj. nandana rejoicing
नन्दना f. nandanA daughter
नन्दन m. nandana kind of measure
नन्दन m. nandana frog
नन्दन m. nandana particular form of temple
नन्दन m. nandana name of the 7th of the 9 white balas
नन्दन m. nandana kind of poisonous plant
नन्दन m. nandana son
नन्दन n. nandana paradise of Indra
नान्दन n. nAndana paradise
नान्दन n. nAndana pleasure garden
नन्दन n. nandana indra's paradise
नन्दन n. nandana gladdening or gladness a divine garden
नन्दते verb nandate { nand } be pleased or satisfied with
नन्दते verb nandate { nand } be glad of
नन्दते verb nandate { nand } rejoice
नन्दते verb nandate { nand } delight
नन्दति verb nandati { nand } be glad of
नन्दति verb nandati { nand } delight
नन्दति verb nandati { nand } please
नन्दति verb nandati { nand } be pleased or satisfied with
नन्दति verb 1 Par nandati { nand } rejoice
नन्देरी f. nanderI kind of metre
नन्दिज n. nandija purple Indian beans [Lablab Vulgaris - Bot.]
नान्दीक nAndIka post in a door-way set up for good luck
नन्दिक adj. nandika red cedar [Cedrela Toona - Bot.]
नन्दीक m. nandIka cock
नन्दिनी f. nandinI sister of husband
नन्दिनी f. nandinI daughter
नन्दिनी f. nandinI kind of metre
नन्दिनी f. nandinI husband's sister
नन्दिनी f. nandinI particular composition
नन्दिनी f. nandinI kind of perfume
नन्दीट m. nandITa bald-headed man
नन्दीश m. nandIza of ziva himself
नन्दीश m. nandIza kind of measure
नन्दन्त adj. nandanta gladdening
नन्दन्त adj. nandanta rejoicing
नन्दन्त m. nandanta son
नन्दन्त m. nandanta king
नन्दन्त m. nandanta friend
नन्दन्ती f. nandantI daughter
नन्दथु m. nandathu joy
नन्दथु m. nandathu happiness
नन्दथु m. nandathu delight
नन्द्यते verb caus. nandyate { nand } gladden
नन्द्यते verb pass. nandyate { nand } make glad
नन्दगोप m. nandagopa cowherd nanda's
नन्दनज m. nandanaja grown in the divine garden
नन्दनज m. nandanaja yellow sandal-wood
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