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नान्दी f. nAndI satisfaction
नान्दी f. nAndI joy
नान्दी f. nAndI kind of blessing pronounced as a prologue to a drama
नान्दी f. nAndI particular measure
नन्दी f. nandI kind of song or musical instrument
नन्दि f. nandi joy
नन्दि f. nandi welfare
नन्दि f. nandi happiness
नन्दी f. nandI red cedar [Cedrela Toona - Bot.]
नान्दी f. nAndI pleasure
नन्दि f. nandi Joy personified as daughter of Heaven or as wife of kAma and mother of harSa
नन्दि f. nandi joy
नान्दी f. nAndI eulogium or praise of a deity
नन्दि m. nandi happy one
नन्दि m. nandi of a man
नन्दि m. nandi of an attendant of ziva
नन्दि m. nandi speaker of a prologue
नन्दि m. nandi of ziva
नन्दि m. nandi name of a gandharva
नन्दि n. nandi class of sacred writings
नन्दिन् adj. nandin liking
नन्दिन् adj. nandin gladdening
नन्दिन् adj. nandin rejoicing
नन्दिन् adj. nandin delighting in
नन्दिन् m. nandin son
नन्दिन् m. nandin particular form of temple
नन्दिन् m. nandin speaker of a prologue
नन्दिज n. nandija purple Indian beans [Lablab Vulgaris - Bot.]
नान्दीक nAndIka post in a door-way set up for good luck
नन्दिक adj. nandika red cedar [Cedrela Toona - Bot.]
नन्दीक m. nandIka cock
नन्दिनी f. nandinI kind of metre
नन्दिनी f. nandinI husband's sister
नन्दिनी f. nandinI particular composition
नन्दिनी f. nandinI kind of perfume
नन्दिनी f. nandinI sister of husband
नन्दिनी f. nandinI daughter
नन्दीट m. nandITa bald-headed man
नन्दीश m. nandIza kind of measure
नन्दीश m. nandIza of ziva himself
नन्दिदेवी f. nandidevI common name of one of the loftiest Himalayan peaks
नन्दिकर adj. nandikara causing joy or happiness
नान्दीकर m. nAndIkara proper name
नान्दीकर m. nAndIkara speaker of the prologue
नान्दीनाद m. nAndInAda shout of joy
नान्दीपट m. nAndIpaTa lid or cover of a well
नान्दीरव m. nAndIrava shout of joy
नन्दितरु m. nanditaru axle wood tree [Anogeissus Latifolia - Bot.]
नन्दिघोष m. nandighoSa proclamation of a panegyrist or herald
नन्दिघोष m. nandighoSa cry or music of joy
नान्दीघोष m. nAndIghoSa proper name
नन्दिघोष m. nandighoSa arjuna's chariot
नन्दिकुण्ड n. nandikuNDa name of a sacred bathing-place
नान्दीमुख adj. nAndImukha having a cheerful face
नान्दीमुख m. nAndImukha class of deceased ancestors to whom a particular zrAddha
नन्दिमुख m. nandimukha species of rice
नन्दीमुख m. nandImukha kind of Manes
नन्दीमुख m. nandImukha species of rice
नान्दीमुख m. nAndImukha is offered
नन्दीमुख m. nandImukha kind of water-bird
नान्दीमुखी f. nAndImukhI end of night
नान्दीमुखी f. nAndImukhI daybreak
नान्दीमुखी f. nAndImukhI female ancestor sharing in the nAndI zrAddha
नान्दीमुखी f. nAndImukhI kind of grain
नन्दीमुखी f. nandImukhI sleep
नन्दितूर्य n. nanditUrya musical instrument played on joyful occasions
नन्दिवृक्ष m. nandivRkSa red cedar [Cedrela Toona - Bot.]
नन्दीश्वर m. nandIzvara kind of measure
नन्दिधर्म m. nandidharma nandi's or nandin's precepts
नन्दिक्षेत्र n. nandikSetra district frequented by gods
नन्दिनागरी f. nandinAgarI particular kind of writing
नान्दीनिनाद m. nAndIninAda shout of joy
नन्दिवर्ध m. nandivardha name a prince
नान्दीविशाल m. nAndIvizAla proper name
नान्दीभाजन n. nAndIbhAjana particular water-vessel
नन्दिकावर्त m. nandikAvarta species of plant
नन्दिकावर्त m. nandikAvarta kind of diagram
नन्दिवृक्षक m. nandivRkSaka red cedar [Cedrela Toona - Bot.]
नन्दिवारलक m. nandivAralaka species of fish
नन्दिवर्धन adj. nandivardhana promoting happiness
नन्दिवर्धन adj. nandivardhana increasing pleasure
नन्दिवर्धन m. nandivardhana end of a half-month
नन्दिवर्धन m. nandivardhana son
नन्दिवर्धन m. nandivardhana friend
नन्दिवर्धन m. nandivardhana day of full moon or of new moon
नन्दिवर्धन m. nandivardhana kind of measure
नन्दिवर्धन m. nandivardhana particular form of temple