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नरिष्टा f. nariSTA pastime
नरिष्टा f. nariSTA chattering
नारीष्टा f. nArISTA Arabian jasmine
नरिष्टा f. nariSTA joking
नारीष्टा f. nArISTA dear to women
नारीष्ठ adj. nArISTha devoted to woman
नारीष्ठ adj. nArISTha fond of them
नरिष्ठा f. nariSThA pastime
नरिष्ठा f. nariSThA chattering
नरिष्ठा f. nariSThA joking
नारिष्ठ m. nAriSTha fire of digestion and the wind of breath
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