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नासक adj. nAsaka nasal
अनुनासिक adj. anunAsika nasal
नासिक्य adj. nAsikya nasal
सानुनासिक्य adj. sAnunAsikya nasal
वर्गान्त्य m. vargAntya nasal
आनुनासिक्य n. AnunAsikya nasality
सानुनासिक्य n. sAnunAsikya nasality
अनुनासिकत्व n. anunAsikatva nasality
रक्त adj. rakta nasalized
निरनुनासिक adj. niranunAsika not nasal
सानुनासिक adj. sAnunAsika nasalized
सानुनासिक्य adj. sAnunAsikya nasalized
अपञ्चम m. apaJcama not a nasal
अनुस्वार m. anusvAra nasal sound [marked by a dot above the line]
अनुनासिक n. anunAsika nasal twang
राग m. rAga nasalization
रञ्जन n. raJjana nasalization
Ja palatal nasal
Ja palatal nasal
Na cerebral nasal
Na cerebral nasal
सानुनास्यम् ind. sAnunAsyam in a nasal tone
नासिक्य m. nAsikya any nasal sound
अनुनासिक-व्यञ्जन m. anunAsika-vyaJjana nasal consonants
वंश m. vaMza upper nasal bone
सानुनास्यम् ind. sAnunAsyam with a nasal sound
सरङ्ग adj. saraGga having a nasal sound
विषमराग adj. viSamarAga differently nasalized
अनुनासिकान्त m. anunAsikAnta radical ending in a nasal
अनुनासिकोपध adj. anunAsikopadha having a nasal penultimate
सानुनासिकवाक्य adj. sAnunAsikavAkya Speaking with a nasal sound
रङ्ग m. raGga nasal modification of a vowel
सानुस्वार adj. sAnusvAra having the nasal mark anusvAra
अनुनासिकलोप m. anunAsikalopa dropping of a nasal sound or letter
रक्त adj. rakta coloured or modified by nasalization
अनुनासिकादि m. anunAsikAdi compound letter commencing with a nasal
अनुनासिकोपध adj. anunAsikopadha succeeding a syllable with a nasal sound
अनुस्वार m. anusvAra nasal sound which is marked by a dot above the line
नासिक्य m. nAsikya particular nasal sound related to the so-called yamas
अनुषङ्ग m. anuSaGga nasals connected with certain roots ending in consonants
Ga nasal of the 1st class. No word in use begins with this letter
नाद m. nAda nasal sound represented by a semicircle and used as an abbreviation in mystical words
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