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नेमि f. nemi set of tires [amer.]
नेमि f. nemi set of tyres [engl.]
नेमि f. nemi car tire
नेमि f. nemi car tyre
नेमि f. nemi tyre
नेमिक n. nemika peripheral [computer]
नैमित्तिक adj. naimittika casual
नेमि f. nemi any circumference or edge or rim
नेमि f. nemi foundation of a wall
नेमि f. nemi thunderbolt
नेमि f. nemi felly of a wheel
नेमि f. nemi windlass or framework for the rope of a well
नेमि m. nemi Sandan tree [ Desmodium oojeinense - Bot. ]
नेमिन् m. nemin Sandan tree [ Desmodium oojeinense - Bot. ]
नैमिष adj. naimiSa momentary
नैमिष adj. naimiSa transient
नैमित्त adj. naimitta relating to or explanatory of signs
नैमित्त m. naimitta fortune-teller
नैमित्त m. naimitta interpreter of prognostics
नैमिषीय adj. naimiSIya relating to or being in naimiSa
नेमिचक्र m. nemicakra prince descended from parIkSit
नेमिघोष m. nemighoSa din of a carriage
नेमिघोष m. nemighoSa noise of a wheel
नेमिवृक्ष m. nemivRkSa black cutch tree [Acacia Catechu - Bot.]
नेमिवृत्ति adj. nemivRtti following the track of a person's wheels
नेमिवृत्ति adj. nemivRtti entirely conforming to
नैमित्तिक adj. naimittika produced by any or by some particular cause
नैमित्तिक adj. naimittika special
नैमित्तिक adj. naimittika accidental
नैमित्तिक adj. naimittika occasional
नैमित्तिक n. naimittika effect
नैमिषनृप m. naimiSanRpa king of naimiSa
नैमिषायन adj. naimiSAyana living in naimiSa
नैमिषारण्य n. naimiSAraNya naimiSa wood
नैमिषकानन n. naimiSakAnana naimiSa wood
नैमित्तिकक्रिया f. naimittikakriyA occasional or periodical ceremony or rite
नैमित्तिकश्राद्ध n. naimittikazrAddha special funeral rite
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