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निचय m. nicaya heap
निचय m. nicaya collection
निचय m. nicaya mass
निचय m. nicaya multitude
निचय m. nicaya quantity
निचय m. nicaya assemblage
निचय m. nicaya piling up
निचय m. nicaya store
निचय m. nicaya heaping up
निचय m. nicaya provisions
निचाय m. nicAya heap
निचयक adj. nicayaka skilful in piling up
निचायति verb nicAyati { nicAy } honour
निचायति verb nicAyati { nicAy } worship
निचायति verb nicAyati { nicAy } observe
निचायति verb nicAyati { nicAy } perceive
निचायति verb nicAyati { nicAy } regard with reverence
निचयगुल्म m. nicayagulma swelling of the abdomen caused by an excess of the 3 humours
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