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निदान n. nidAna primary cause
निदान n. nidAna diagnosis [Med.]
निधन n. nidhana destruction
निधानक n. nidhAnaka buffer [computer]
निदान adj. nidAna reproached
निदान adj. nidAna ridiculed
निदान n. nidAna purification
निदान n. nidAna cause of existence
निदान n. nidAna first or primary cause
निदान n. nidAna cessation
निदान n. nidAna halter
निदान n. nidAna any cause or motive
निदान n. nidAna claiming the reward of penitential acts
निदान n. nidAna original form or essence
निदान n. nidAna band
निदान n. nidAna rope
निदान n. nidAna correctness
निदान n. nidAna pathology
निदान n. nidAna cause of a disease and enquiry into it
निदान n. nidAna end
निधन adj. nidhana having no property
निधान adj. nidhAna containing anything in itself
निधन adj. nidhana poor
निधन m. nidhana head of a family
निधन m. nidhana death
निधान n. nidhAna resting-place
निधान n. nidhAna receptacle
निधन n. nidhana loss
निधन n. nidhana conclusion
निधान n. nidhAna preserving
निधान n. nidhAna repository
निधन n. nidhana annihilation
निधन n. nidhana residence or place of residence
निधान n. nidhAna place for depositing anything
निधान n. nidhAna putting or laying down
निधान n. nidhAna hoard
निधन n. nidhana any finale
निधान n. nidhAna deposit
निधन n. nidhana settling down
निधान n. nidhAna place of cessation or rest
निधन n. nidhana end
निधन n. nidhana domicile
निधन n. nidhana race
निधान n. nidhAna keeping
निधान n. nidhAna anything laid up
निधान n. nidhAna store
निधान n. nidhAna placing
निधान n. nidhAna foundation
निधन n. nidhana family
निधन n. nidhana receptacle
निधान n. nidhAna laying aside
निधन n. nidhana concluding passage of a sAman which is sung in chorus
निधान n. nidhAna depositing
निधान n. nidhAna treasure
निदानवत् adj. nidAnavat essential
निदानवत् adj. nidAnavat funded on a cause
निदानविद् adj. nidAnavid knowing the causes or symptoms of a disease
निधनता f. nidhanatA poverty
निधनवत् adj. nidhanavat having a finale
निधनकृत adj. nidhanakRta destroyed
निधनकृत adj. nidhanakRta put to an end
निधनपति m. nidhanapati lord of the end or of destruction
निधनवाद m. nidhanavAda word used as nidhana
निदानस्थान n. nidAnasthAna pathology
निदानस्थान n. nidAnasthAna subject of the causes of diseases
निधनभूत adj. nidhanabhUta forming a finale
निधनकारिन् adj. nidhanakArin causing death
निधनकारिन् adj. nidhanakArin destroying
निधनक्रिया f. nidhanakriyA funeral ceremony
निधानकुम्भ m. nidhAnakumbha pot or jar containing a treasure
निदानार्थकर adj. nidAnArthakara operating as a cause
लेखा-सन्तुलन n. lekhA-santulana putting down
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